Basically the general guidelines

  1. we will allow ourselves to dine out once per quarter to allow for the occasional business meeting or special celebrations
  2. if we are out on business or having a meeting in a coffee house we can order the bare minimum needed to mix in, no need to be bigger freaks than we already are, right? **snort**
  3. coffee does not count, we gave up fancy coffee long ago so the occasional coffee we feel is not a problem
  4. if on a business trip there is no way we will be cooking from a hotel room


Fear the paddle

Last Thursday was the closest I have come to cheating. I was searching for a thrift store in Anchorage and I passed by the Falafel King. Yes, Falafel King almost brought me down.

Know what saved me/the project? Fear of being found out. I grew up in the 70s, the paddle displayed in the principal Mr. Anderson's window kept me from doing a lot of dumb stuff. Fear of spilling, or having onion breath or worse yet being seen kept me looking for the thrift store instead of indulging in hand cut fries and crispy falafel. Oh the paddle!


Money Saved update

We had to go to Anchorage yesterday, now usually this means we go out to eat and buy coffee for the trip. I took an iced coffee, we didn't go out to eat and we made a Costco run without eating ANY samples.

I'm adding 30 dollars for yesterday's trip, plus 10 for lunch out Wednesday for my husband if we aren't home, plus 20 we would have spent going out for lunch on the weekend. For a grand total of 60 dollars added. Plus I have to go back to Anchorage tomorrow and I can assure you sushi would have been calling my name. I think I'll pack a lunch instead, yes?

Second hand stores here I come! Oh, er dentist I mean.

Shopping Day

This was the first day of my 'shopping every 2 weeks' experiment. I have decided that I'll make a Costco run every 2 weeks or so (at least before I run out of coffee) and then I'll buy milk as needed from the local chain store, Kroger. I think once we get the basics established it will be good for us. Of course some things are not available in sizes I want so I'll either order in bulk direct or buy those as needed. I need to figure out how to store 50 pounds of flour, I'm thinking a food grade bucket.

In other news we had our planned dinner out on Sunday. We had a wonderful fundraiser at a local restaurant, Turkey Red. I made Lox and fresh bagels for the auction. They sold & didn't get abandoned at the silent auction(fear of mine!). Dinner was salad, salmon, chicken breast, squash medley, potato medley and cake slices for dessert. It was delicious, the company was better than the food and we made some money to help move the charter school along. And I wore a dress with leggings! A. Dress. I personally don't plan anymore dining out for the rest of the year. We did truly want to participate in the fundraiser so we did. I am glad and I don't regret it, except the dress.


I'm back, unsick-ish and still eating from home

My husbands birthday was yesterday and the folks from his office got together and bought him a lunch from the local bakery, The Red Beet. He knew I was making lunch at home so he brought it home to share. I think I made him feel weird because I wouldn't eat any of it. It looked nice but I just felt like I didn't want to bail on myself, geesh where did this back bone come from?

I even turned down hand rolled truffles! That was hard.

Our menu for the last week has been hit and miss, really with some nights just sneaking right up on me without a plan.  So I started the meal planning for the week asking each person what they wanted to eat for dinner this week. I was answered with Crock Pot Mexican Lasagne, Beef Teriyaki Stirfry, Minestrone, Pizza and Stromboli. Wow. Why did it take me so long to think of asking my family? They have to eat it too so why not? Also I know the list looks long but I'm thinking of cutting back shopping to once every 2 weeks or switching to co-op ordering system. I think shopping every 2 weeks is a good way to start cutting back and planning more.

I filled in the gaps so our menu looks like this:
Crock Pot Mexican Lasagne
Beef Teriyaki Stir fry
Crispy Salmon Sticks-Formerly Crusty Salmon but the named bothered some people
Baked Halibut
Stuffed Pork Chops
Vegetarian Chili
Leftover Buffet
GASP**Dinner out**pre-planned fundraiser for our new Charter school this is the reason for our 1 time per quarter rule so we can do things we need to do

I have not dined out since January 2nd! I'm so thankful the fundraiser is being held at a local restaurant that specializes in local foods even during the winter, they planned our menu around what was available.

We are also holding a silent auction and my donation is fresh made bagels and homemade lox from salmon we caught this summer. I hope someone wants it, fingers crossed!

Adding 18 dollars to the money saved list for one probable lunch eaten out and a coffee pie meeting that didn't happen.

Bought my ticket to BlogHer Food 10 in San Francisco in October! I'm only slightly excited!!


Sick is when take out is nice

So somehow I have contracted the deadly husband cold, which isn't really that bad for women. Weird hunh? Knocks men right down but women? Nahhh not so much! But I'm still tired and snuffy andwouldn'tIlovetoorderout? Why yes I would. I would also like Starbucks to deliver a hot coffee every hour on the hour. And while we're dreaming of the impossible I'll take a vacation to somewhere warm.

This is the first time not dining out has been a real issue for me. I'm not sure what's up but I am pretty much fantasizing about a hot italian grinder right about now. Guess I'll go make dinner which is scalloped potatoes with ham. Or Au Gratin. Which ever one has cheese in it is what I'm making. And forget my sandwich craving which is probably just me being hungry.


4 weeks in & Menu Planning

I'm starting to wonder why I try to plan anything, I seem unable to cooperate with my menu plan. I make one and completely ignore it then freak out when it's time to cook dinner. I plan because then I know what to buy but then don't cook it. Oh well I guess as long as we are eating at home and not out it's good, right?

4 weeks in and our grand total saved is 278 dollars. That is a lot of money we didn't spend on salty, fatty, hfcs laced food! Also this month I found a report that 48% of fast food soda fountains contain fecal waste, that made me feel better and it also freaked out everyone I told. An unanticipated side effect of the no dining out rule was what I lost, 5 POUNDS. I guess those lunches and cookies out made more of a difference than I thought. I feel even better about this now!