Basically the general guidelines

  1. we will allow ourselves to dine out once per quarter to allow for the occasional business meeting or special celebrations
  2. if we are out on business or having a meeting in a coffee house we can order the bare minimum needed to mix in, no need to be bigger freaks than we already are, right? **snort**
  3. coffee does not count, we gave up fancy coffee long ago so the occasional coffee we feel is not a problem
  4. if on a business trip there is no way we will be cooking from a hotel room


Money Saved update

We had to go to Anchorage yesterday, now usually this means we go out to eat and buy coffee for the trip. I took an iced coffee, we didn't go out to eat and we made a Costco run without eating ANY samples.

I'm adding 30 dollars for yesterday's trip, plus 10 for lunch out Wednesday for my husband if we aren't home, plus 20 we would have spent going out for lunch on the weekend. For a grand total of 60 dollars added. Plus I have to go back to Anchorage tomorrow and I can assure you sushi would have been calling my name. I think I'll pack a lunch instead, yes?

Second hand stores here I come! Oh, er dentist I mean.

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