Basically the general guidelines

  1. we will allow ourselves to dine out once per quarter to allow for the occasional business meeting or special celebrations
  2. if we are out on business or having a meeting in a coffee house we can order the bare minimum needed to mix in, no need to be bigger freaks than we already are, right? **snort**
  3. coffee does not count, we gave up fancy coffee long ago so the occasional coffee we feel is not a problem
  4. if on a business trip there is no way we will be cooking from a hotel room


It's Easy

to not go out to eat when you don't go out. Tomorrow, er today?, though we several appointments in the town next door starting at 9:30 and ending right around noon. We will need snacks. I can assure you we will have snacks.

Oh by the way I've been busted. By myself even. Turns out my kids overheard me tell a friend about this project. Apparently then the boys were planning an ambush but I interrupted it by calling them to dinner. Attack averted.

The subject has been brought up, talked about and they seemed non-plused. I don't think they know how long a year is. We'll see.

Another thing: it's more fun to write about food than actually post a recipe every day.

Dinner tonight was pasta with homemade, homegrown, home slaughtered duck/goose/turkey Italian sausage sauce with a secret ingredient. And I'm giving away the secret ingredient this weekend. Stay tuned. In fact this weekend is a blues and blahs buster weekend. Giveaways on Saturday and Sunday. Plus I feel the debut of my etsy store is coming soon.


  1. This: "I don't think they know how long a year is." - made me laugh!

    And, this: "it's more fun to write about food than actually post a recipe every day." - couldn't be more true!

    Really excited for the debut of your store, Laura! :)

  2. haha an ambush!? How cute! Yay for giveaway!