Basically the general guidelines

  1. we will allow ourselves to dine out once per quarter to allow for the occasional business meeting or special celebrations
  2. if we are out on business or having a meeting in a coffee house we can order the bare minimum needed to mix in, no need to be bigger freaks than we already are, right? **snort**
  3. coffee does not count, we gave up fancy coffee long ago so the occasional coffee we feel is not a problem
  4. if on a business trip there is no way we will be cooking from a hotel room


Week 1 down

Well we managed to live through an entire week without going out to eat once. Apparently, it can be done. Cool.

We made pizza on Friday night, Saturday brought cooking with mom and the littlest boy, we made macaroni and cheese muffins. Today saved us an earlier trip out for sushi because we made sushi at home. We made modified California rolls, nigiri with salmon we caught last summer and of course some homemade eggrolls. Quenched the thirst for sushi and then some!

On to week two. Tomorrow I might have a meal plan figured out. I need to get that done and do the weekly shopping except the wind is howling. This kind of wind will literally blow your groceries right out of your cart on the way to the truck. Good thing I have a full pantry if we don't get to the store no biggie, the only thing we are missing is chocolate.


  1. Wow, I'm seriously impressed and proud that you 1) lasted 1 full week and 2) made those awesome sushi rolls! I'm totally jealous! I hope you'll be posting how-to on the blog b/c I want to try (have the wrappers) but just am nervous about the rice, how? etc.

  2. I am impressed with a week down! You guys can totally do this - I am willing to bet that after three or four months you won't even crave the stuff you used to eat out.